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Team Battles For Gold

The Wargaming.net League Season I, 2015-2016 is under way, with hundreds of teams in the Gold, Silver and Bronze Series. It’s worth remembering that the WGL teams are not limited to their own small rings and frankly, limiting their battle space is a challenge nobody should attempt.

How do I fight the Pros?

We know you would like to give the Gold Series teams a beating and you will have an opportunity to do so! Join Team Battles with your own Team of fearless tankers through the season. As you’re playing, you will have a chance to encounter the twelve Gold Series teams. If you manage to meet them, every member of your team will be rewarded 30 Gold !

I want more!

Naturally, there is more out there for you! The reward mentioned above is guaranteed regardless of your performance. Like in every game, the goal of Team battles is to win. We believe that you will be able to do it, at least sometimes, and have prepared a special reward. If you push your skill to the limit and knock any of the Gold Series teams out during a Team Battle, every member of your team will receive 70 Gold, adding up to a total reward of 100 Gold!

How do I claim my winnings?

The Gold rewards will be credited automatically within two weeks of the end of the Season I offline phase (19 September) - no sending emails or submitting tickets to our support team is required. This gives you a lot of time to grind that Gold and no hassle with the reporting required!


Get out on the Battlefield!