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The Wargaming.net League Season 2 European Finals

The dice are cast and Season 2, 2015-2016 is nearly over! The European Finals will be played in the ESL studios in Cologne, on 20 February. While it is still too early to know for certain what teams will be attending, you already can have a look at the table of the standings and make your guess. The exact League schedule is as follows:



8 and 11 February from 19:00 CET Last matchdays of the regular season
13 and 14 February  from 14:00 CET Online Playoffs
20 February from 13:00 CET Season Finals on stage

You can watch everything live!


At the end of the regular season, we will know the names of the first two teams to qualify directly for the finals. Right after that, the playoffs will start. They will oppose the teams that placed 3rd to 6th in the regular season. Only two of these teams will make it out of the playoffs and join the 1st and 2nd teams in Cologne.

The on stage finals in Cologne will oppose the four qualified teams. On 20 February, we will learn the name of the European Champions! They will have taken a big step towards the Grand Finals in April.

Shortly after the European finals, the relegation bracket will see the best Silver teams face off against the Gold Series teams that finished the regular season in the last places.


Attend the event in person!

If you are in Cologne at the time of the Finals, on 20 February, you are warmly invited to come watch the show with your own eyes. Attendance is entirely free. However, the studios can only accommodate a maximum of 70 people. For this reason, we are opening a registration thread. If you are certain you want to attend, we encourage you to be fast. It goes without saying, there will be goodies for those who come. Also, we would like to casually remind the ESL organisation that last year, there was an awesome barbecue for everyone. But we’re not hinting…



(In order to give everyone a fair chance to register, the thread will only be opened on Monday, 8 February at 20:00 CET)



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Stay tuned to find out what teams qualify for the playoffs!