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The Season 2 Online Playoffs start

The Online Playoffs start on 13 February

The Wargaming.net League Season 2, 2015-2016 is drawing to a close. With Tier X vehicles on the field, more diversity in the tank selections and some innovative strategies, this season was for sure one of the most exciting so far. The online playoff phase, on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 February, will determine which teams get the chance to perform on stage at the European Finals. For many players in the League, attending the Finals to perform on stage is not simply a wish, but a true career goal. At this critical point, who makes it and who falls short is not only a matter of skill anymore: all the players at this stage are talented. It's rather a matter of mental qualities. To win their ticket to the finals, every single individual in each team will have to display a tremendous amount of dedication and self-control. Their resistance to stress will be put to the test like never before.



(The action starts at 14:00 CET on 13 February)


The European Finals will be held on 20 February

The on-stage event will be held in the ESL studios in Cologne. It will be the epic conclusion of the first season to ever be played with Tier X tanks. Four teams will battle for regional supremacy and a hefty bonus cash prize of $50,000! One thing is certain - when the Finals start, we will see what champions are really made of.



The 1st (Tornado ROX) and 2nd (Wombats on Tanks) teams of the regular season are already guaranteed a seat at the WGLEU finals on 20 February - heartfelt congratulations to them!

The 3rd to 6th teams (below) are going through the online playoff phase first and only two of them will be in Cologne for the Finals. It all seems like a well-balanced brawl on paper. And no matter the outcome this weekend, it will be heart-breaking, as all these teams put up such an amazing performance this season that they all deserve a spot! As sad as it will be to see two of them go, such is the law of the playoffs... This phase will be played entirely online, and you can watch everything live!




Wish them all the best and don't forget to cheer for your favourite team - they will need all the support they can get to make it through! After the European Finals, based on the combined results of Season 1 and Season 2, we will be able to determine which teams will represent Europe at the Wargaming.net event of the year : The Grand Finals, in Warsaw, Poland, on 8 and 9 April 2016.



Stay tuned for even more eSports action!