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eSports Autumn Season

High and mellow, roll on the meadow

Autumn is as good a time as any to play World of Tanks competitively, but it seems the right season to send out a general reminder about the tournaments and bring an answer to the Eternal question: what's the Tournaments section? 

Tournaments bring you countless opportunities to challenge yourself by taking part in coordinated battles. Unlike random battles, tournaments give you a chance to actually communicate with your team and decide on a winning strategy together. It often means that you as a player will be assigned a specific role or area to take or defend on the map. You will be able to count on your teamates to do the right thing, at the right time... and not rush in randomly. 


The World of Tanks tournaments offer a wide variety of things to players:


  • Formats: the Tier range varies: Whether you like the fast and fun Tier II skirmishes or the more explosive Tier X warfare, you can always play your way. 
  • Team sizes: the tournaments usually play as 3v3's or 7v7's, so you can simply join with 2 friends or play in a more organised structure. Of course, you can always choose to participate in the occasional 1v1, or even 5v5 conflicts! 
  • Game modes: encounter, attack-defence... You also have the choice.






If you're a tough nut to crack, why not play in the format of the Wargaming.net League: 7/68? 

No matter what you decide, everything is always explained on the tournament registration page, so you know exactly what you are stepping into. The same competitions are available every week!





Roll out!