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Demolition Derby Registration

Can you hear it? The hum of the engines, ready to roar. Can you smell it? The delicious perfume of the oil streaming on melted steel. Oh, perhaps you can also picture it? The ground shaking to the noise of tracks, scattered with holes and craters - the air filled with smoke and dust... the only light piercing the darkness is that of the fire blasting out of the guns.

You all know what that means! The Demolition Derby is back...

...with a new format! 

From now on, the tournament will be split into two phases:

  • The Group Stage phase (14:00 CET on 2 April).
  • The Playoff phase (after the group stage).

This is easier than aiming at a Heavy tank: at the end of the Group Stage, if you are 1st or 2nd, then you win your golden ticket to the Playoff phase!

Now that the new tournament system is fully operational, what are you waiting for? Join a tournament and claim some gold!

The Demolition Derby is otherwise pretty straightforward. It's seven versus seven (7v7) and you can play any tank, with a maximum of 68 Tier Points.





Group Stage:
  1.        700 
  2.        500 
  3.        300 
  4.        200 
  • 1st               15 000
  • 2nd             10 000
  • 3rd-4th         8 000
  • 5th-8th          5 000
  • 9th-16th       2 500
  • 17th-32th     1 250 


If 500 teams register, the teams finishing in 5th place of the Group Stage will get 100.

If 750 teams register, the teams finishing from 33th to 64th place will get 750.

Please note that the rewards are per player, not per team. 


Rules Check List

  • We invite you to check the Tournament Guide for tips on how to join and create teams. If you need a team, or some players, please visit the recruitment thread.
  • If you still have a question, you are invited to post it in the special Questions & Answers thread.
  • The invites will be sent out by the automatic system shortly before the match. Make sure you understand how this system works before receiving the invite.
  • Once you receive an in-game invite, please remember to move your team to the “active” area or you may face a technical defeat!
  • Any dispute or rule violation can be reported to the admins on the dedicated forum page.



Roll out!