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The Champions Rumble in Moscow

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Breaking news!

Two supergiants have been spotted in orbit around Moscow: Na'Vi, the current World Champions, and Tornado Energy (Hellraisers), runners up of both the WGLRU Season 1 and The Grand Finals 2016.

With the current trajectory of teams Ding and Kazna Kru from Europe, and considering their extreme skill progression rate and decision-making velocity, the collision with the CIS champions is inevitable. The Wargaming esports crew has calculated that impact will occur on 17 December, at the Expocenter in the city of Moscow.

Although the initial blast is located in Russia, the repercussions will be worldwide. The encounter will generate a free livestream that will be observable from all around the globe.

All attempts to prevent the collision have thus far been unsuccessful. The only uncertainty at this point is whether the potential tank destruction will equal that of the latest Grand Finals—and there is enough evidence to support that it will. In any case, the telemetry data and the satellite images have been thoroughly analysed. Everything indicates that these four teams are currently the best World of Tanks teams on the entire planet.

The Teams:

Natus Vincere - Multiple time champions, two-time world champions, and most titled team in the history of World of Tanks. If last season proved that they don't always finish first (they finished 3rd in the regular season), they showed during the season finals that when it is time to step up their game to win an event, they always deliver.

How they qualified for the Champions Rumble:

As winners of The Grand Finals 2016, Na'Vi received a direct slot for themselves and for their region's season champions.


Tornado Energy - Formerly known as Hellraisers. World Champions in 2015, and unlucky finalist in 2016 in the closest series of all time against their rivals from Na'Vi, big fan favourites in the CIS. The team is known for their quick decision making in battle and has been claiming the top spots for several seasons now.

How they qualified for the Champions Rumble:

Since Na'Vi won The Grand Finals 2016, CIS is the current Champion region, and thus sends two representatives directly to the Champions Rumble. As finalists of both the Grand Finals and the Season 1 Finals (both won by Na'Vi), Hellraisers received the second slot.


DING - the only team to have never lost a Match this season. A dominant force on the European server, the team won the WGLEU finals almost without breaking a sweat and went on to win the Challenger Rumble in New York.

How they qualified for the Champions Rumble:

Qualified as winners of the Challenger Rumble, by defeating the teams from NA, APAC, and the other European team.


Kazna Kru - Always one of the top teams in Europe, Kazna has been around forever. They boast a European championship and several honourable places in The Grand Finals. Always ready to put up a good show, Kazna will defend their chance fiercely in Moscow.

How they qualified for the Champions Rumble:

As the finalists of the Challenger Rumble in New York, Kazna received the second slot for the Champions Rumble. As a result, the regional representation in Moscow will be even: two teams from the CIS and two from Europe.



Prize pool:

A little reminder of what's at stake for the participants:

      • 1st place - $80,000 for the team
      • 2nd place - $40,000 for the team
      • 3rd place - $20,000 for the team
      • 4th place - $20,000 for the team


Stay tuned for an awesome event ahead!



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