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Fun Cup: Back 2 the Roots

We are a good month away from the holiday season, but apparently some of you are already present-hunting! Before the jolly time of December even begins, let’s take a moment to remember our humble beginnings with this edition of Back to your Roots. This tournament is your chance to relive your early steps in the game and fill your head with sweet memories!


Here are the stretch goals for this tournament:



No additional goal met

Default prizes.

If 200 teams participate

Prizes will be awarded to the top 32 teams.

Teams 17-32 will receive 1000per Team Member.

If 400 teams participate

Prizes will be awarded to the top 64 teams.

Teams 33-64 will receive 500per Team Member.

If 600 teams participate

All rewards increased.

If 1000 teams participate

Premium tanks and goodies giveaways to randomly chosen teams.


You will find all the basic information in our infographic :

Rules Check List

Some basic tips if you're new to eSports tournaments:

  • Information for creating your own team.
  • Information for joining an existing team.
  • Once you’ve assembled a team, remember to click the Apply for Tournament button in the team management page.
  • The invites will be sent out by the automatic system shortly before the match. Make sure you understand how the automated system works before receiving the invite.
  • Once you receive an in-game invite, please remember to move your team to the “active” area or you may face technical defeat!
  • In the event of a team member violating any of the tournament regulations, the whole team may be disqualified.


Let's have a jolly good time, Tankers!