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The Annual Gold Tournament Registration

Not everyone can complete the New Year's Gift mission. It requires a decent amount of skill and quite a bit of teamwork. The RNG, for sure, also plays a big part. If you haven’t yet succeeded in the task, please don’t lose hope. On the other hand, if you have somehow managed to win one battle and thus successfully accomplish the mission, the eSports team warmly congratulates you - you are now worthy of participating in the annual gold tournament, which can be played only with the 43 M. Toldi III !



All the information you need about the tournament is in the infographic below:

Rules Check List

Some basic tips if you're new to eSports tournaments:

  • Information for creating your own team.
  • Information for joining an existing team.
  • Once you’ve assembled a team, remember to click the Apply for Tournament button in the team management page.
  • The invites will be sent out by the automatic system shortly before the match. Make sure you understand how the automated system works before receiving the invite.
  • Once you receive an in-game invite, please remember to move your team to the “active” area or you may face technical defeat!
  • In the event of a team member violating any of the tournament regulations, the whole team may be disqualified.


Join the Toldi party now!