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WGL EU Open Qualifier

With the sad departure of long time Wargaming.net net League Europe teams TCM Gaming and Schoolbus (due to not having 50% of their roster from the previous season), the Wargaming.net League Europe has two open slots. This could seal your eternal fame and glory on the World of Tanks eSports scene.

Registration opens on 1 June and ends on 8 June. That gives you a week to prepare your team for battle; after which the tournament starts on 8 June and ends on 14 June.


The open qualifier will play out under the Team Battles rules so you have 7 players and 54 points and will be playing best-of-9 in a single elimination bracket. The maps are of vital importance and with a new season, it has been altered to make for an even better experience for both players and spectators:


Ghost Town Lakeville
Ruinberg Steppes
Himmelsdorf Mines


The tournament is open to all teams but Bronze and Silver series teams will be seeded into it later on. It will breakdown as follows: all registered teams will fight first and the winners will go through to the next round and fight the Bronze series teams and finally those victors will battle the Silver series teams.

It’s also worth noting that if you do manage to qualify you must retain at least 50% of the players you used in the qualifying rounds for the regular season.


See you on the battlefield tankers and good luck!