Who will win the WGLEU Season II Finals?


With the end of the online playoffs last week we now know the names of the four WGL teams that remain. Which one of them will prove worthy to carry home the trophy? We'll know the answer in no more than five days. Be sure to tune in on 2 April to watch your favourite team ascend the throne of Europe. A $100,000 prize pool is on the line. 



DiNG, the defending champions, will face a tough opposition against Go Hard, who crushed eSuba 7-1 to qualify. In the other match Kazna Kru, the eternal fan favourites, will play against Oops, who surprisingly outmatched Utopia in the playoffs (7-3), and went on to defeat Go Hard (5-2). Oops still look like the underdogs on paper, but let's see if they can turn some heads. 


14:30 Semi-Final 1: DiNG vs Go Hard
16:30 Semi-Final 2: Kazna Kru vs Oops
18:30 Final Match: Winner of Semi-Final 1 vs Winner of Semi-Final 2


What could be better than watching a professional game of World of Tanks? Well, for one thing, to watch a professional game of World of Tanks and earn rewards at the same time! 

Sound interesting? Here's how it works. First of all, tune into the livestream at wgl.gg/watch. Log in to the website with your usual Wargaming account credentials. A quest tab will appear on the side bar during the event, right next to the schedule and information. If you make it this far, you've already done the hard part. From there, you simply need to follow the given instructions and voilà.

Fulfilling a quest will grant you access to exclusive raffles for prizes, such as gold, Premium time, or even Premium tanks. If you are one of the lucky winners, you won't have to do anything else to claim your due – the rewards are usually distributed within two weeks after the event. 

Fantasy League

Participate in the Fantasy League for this event. Predict who will shine and who will fall. Sign up and start picking your team today! Special rewards are being thrown in to spice things up. 


For each match, predicting the right winner will grant you three points. Guessing the right score will land you two additional points. If you manage to score a high number of points, you will earn the following rewards: 

  • 8 points: 300 + 3 days premium
  • 9 points: 400 + 4 days premium
  • 10 points: 500 + 5 days premium
  • 11 points: 600 + 6 days premium
  • 13 points: 800 + 8 days premium
  • 15 points: 1.000 + 10 days premium

To receive a reward, you at least have to guess the winners of two matches, with the correct score for one of them. Guessing the winners of the three matches without the correct scores will grant you 9 points, thus earning you 400  and 4 days premium!  



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