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An eSports tank hits the Calendar for 24 hours

Have you seen what is on the advent calendar today? The very special AMX 13 57 GF edition! A fine eSports branded vehicle, created specially for The Grand Finals 2015. This exclusive French Tier VII is on limited sale for a 24 hours period today: 20 December! Do not miss the chance to get yours! Many may remember that this tank came with a special trailer last year. Here it is again, for your eyes' enjoyment :

Remember the beast

With this baby in your garage, you will be set to hit the field and play like a pro!





Now that you are properly geared up, and halfway into the eSports scene with your own AMX 13 57 Grand Finals Editionyou might want to know what's going on at the professional level in World of Tanks right now! 

At the moment, the Wargaming.net League Season 2 is on a holiday break. It will restart on 12 January, with matches every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 CET. You will still be able to watch them all live on Twitch.tv. At the end of the season, we will have the European Finals in February, followed by The Grand Finals 2016 in April, where the champions from each regions of the world will clash and a new World Champion will arise. 


The Grand Finals 2016

The Wargaming.net League is played in five regions worldwide. Every year, each region sends its best two representatives to The Grand Finals. Two "wildcards" are also attributed, on the basis of performance. Therefore, every year, 12 teams compete for the ultimate crown.

To qualify for the event, a team needs to be consistent throughout the year, as both the results from Season 1 and Season 2 are taken into account. It is not always enough to win a Season! Only the best two teams of each region have the privilege to step into The Grand Finals' scene and only one will claim the title of World Champion!

If you feel like playing the prediction game, and guessing which teams will represent each region, the short recap below will certainly help you. Remember that Season 2, 2015-2016 is still ongoing in the different regions. All the rankings below are therefore based on the previous season and everything will change as the new season unfolds... But that is what makes it exciting!  


               Current top 5 in the CIS Region                                         Current top 5 in Europe
Wombats on Tanks
Tornado ROX
Not So Serious
Penta Sports
Kazna kru
                 Current top 5 in Asia                                               Current top 5 in North America
EL Gaming
Noble Gaming 
High Woltage Caballers
Caren Tiger
Reforn Gaming
o7 Gaming

Simple Tankers

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In the meantime, don't forget to get acquaintained with the European teams in the ongoing Gold Series Highlights! (available in English only)


Roll out!