486 Tournament: the Battle for Object 252U Defender

The new Object 252U Defender has arrived. Be amongst the first to drive it! 

If you have the mettle, we have the reward. As you may be aware, a very nice new Tier VIII premium tank is fresh out of the production line. With its powerful gun and nearly flawless armour, it could be the dream companion for your daily battle sessions, and the perfect addition to your garage. It is one thing to own it - how would you like to win it? 

There will be a total of 10 Object 252U Defenders up for grabs on 26 February. The Tier IV, VI and VIII tournaments will each reward their respective winning teams with one tank per player. Additionally, one lucky winner will be randomly selected amongst all the participants and will also receive an Object 252U Defender.  

Gather two of your most combat-ready friends, pick your tier, and take your chance! 

Important: make sure to check the "Tournaments" section on the portal to find out everything about the competitions you can participate in. All the dates, details and rewards of every tournament are available on the page.



Group stage:
1st place:250 per player, qualification for playoffs
2nd place:150 per player, qualification for playoffs
3rd place:100 per player

1st place: Object 252U Defender
2nd place:2.500 per player
3rd-4th place:1.250 per player
5th-8th place:750 per player
9th-16th place:500 per player
17th-32nd place:250 per player

Here are some key details about the competition:

The 486 series "Battle for Object 252U Defender" consists of three independent tournaments, each featuring different tiers. All the participating teams will be sorted into groups of six. The first stage is a round-robin tournament: each team plays against the five other teams in their group and a ranking is then made in each group. The top two teams in each group advance to the single elimination playoffs.

All these tournaments will be played 3v3 in Encounter mode. The maps, game days, rewards and details are available on the registration page.



Roll out!