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256bit Challenge Registration

Hear ye, hear ye...

In the name of the Wargaming Europe eSports team, let it be known that, on the 17th day of February, in the year two thousand and sixteen, the registration will open for the 256bit challenge, that will oppose the most valiant hearts of all the kingdoms in an original competition. Commanders, thou have been summoned to take part in the joust!


IMPORTANT: The format of this tournament is special. Therefore, you are warmly encouraged to read the rules before you register!


The 256bits challenge is a series of three independent tournaments, played on a different Tier, on a different day. You can register to one, two, or all three tournaments. If you only want to play in the Tier V tournament for example, it's entirely up to you! 

In the 256bit Challenge, all the participating teams will be sorted into "mini-leagues" of 10 teams. It will be a round-robin tournament - each team will play against all the nine other teams in their group and a ranking will be made in each of these mini-leagues.

The rewards in this tournament will be extremely interesting and will also depend to a large degree on the number of participants. If a great number of teams decide to participate, there will be goodies on the line, including three type 59 tanks if more than 2000 teams join! The 256bits Challenge will reward more teams than ever before! 


 Clik on the tournaments you want to register to:


Register to the Tier II tournament


Register to the Tier V tournament


Register to the Tier VI tournament


The infographic below explains everything you need to know to participate and dominate your group.

Rules Check List

For disputed results, or to report unsporting behaviour/instances of cheating, please use the Rule Enforcement thread.

Some basic tips if you're new to eSports tournaments:

  • Information for creating your own team.
  • Information for joining an existing team.
  • Once you’ve assembled a team, remember to click the Apply for Tournament button in the team managing page.
  • The invites will be sent out by the automatic system shortly before the match. Make sure you understand how the automated system works before receiving the invite.
  • Once you receive an in-game invite, please remember to move your team to the “active” area or you may face technical defeat!
  • In the event of a team-member violating any of the tournament regulations, the whole team may be disqualified.


Roll out!