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Clan Wars: 4th Campaign - Stage II Results

Guerras de clanes
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The second Stage in the ongoing Campaign turned out to be quite fitting of its name, as the battles observed could definitely be described as a clash of lions! No enclave could feel safe and no convoy was left to their own devices as clans roamed through the Global Map, battling each other and leaving nothing but scorched earth and smoldering wrecks. In this stage, a total of 32,301 battles were fought and the most busy clan turned out to be [GE-PL] Gwardia Elitarna with a total of 201 battles.

As for the top results, meet the best and most valiant clans of The Lion's Mane operation:

PlaceClanFame Points
1. [FAME] Deal with it! 183809
2. [3XR] 3xR RELOAD 140386
3. [KAZNA] Kazna Kru 134579
4. [RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit 130133
5. [SANTI] Semper anticus 121718
6. [NOS] Novus Ordo Seclorum 107814
7. [OM] Odem Mortis 105812
8. [S4TDD] Stronke Army des Todes of Darkness of Doom 104888
9. [WORKS] Working as Intended! 93479
10. [G2G] GoToGarage/Pozdro&Poćwicz 89917


Congratulations to all clans and good luck in the third and final Stage: The Snake's Fang!