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Our very own European YouTube channel has been up and running for a month now! Head over to find all the content at your fingertips.

You will find videos related to the latest news on World of Tanks, but we will also keep re-uploading some videos as a way to make them easier to find for new players. These video guides are valuable for both newcomers and experienced players that may need a reminder on game mechanics, so make sure to check them out!

Check out some of the video guides you can find on the channel below, as well as some information about our launch giveaway and how you can win a premium tank Pz.Kpfw. T 15!

Thick armour, streamlined turrets, well-sloped armour plates—all this increases a vehicle's survivability. You cannot have a tank that's completely invulnerable though. That's why you should learn to protect your tank. In this video, we'll tell you how to use your armour properly and drive away unscathed.

How do armour penetration mechanics work? What is the difference between shell types? Which shell type should you use, depending on the circumstance? Why do you hear “Critical hit!” without inflicting any damage? This episode of Explaining Mechanics will answer these and other questions. Don’t miss it!

What are the vehicle checkpoints and view range ports? What do they do? What do the circles on the minimap mean?

Vehicles with an autoloader; extremely dangerous in capable hands, but helpless while reloading. Our video provides a set of rules and manoeuvres that will help you improve your skill with these vehicles.

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