Dress Your Knight in Shining Armor


Have you fought your way to the top of the British Tank Destroyer line? Then you and your X FV4005 Stage II  are invited to join the noble knights of the round table with the brand-new Galahad style. It is the latest addition in our 3D style collection and will let you embark on a quest to find the holy grail, or at least have you fight in the desert with style. Named after the noblest of all knights, this new customization adds an IR spotlight for nighttime operations and an additional barrel for fuel that will be handy on a long pilgrimage. On the roof, the crew arranged an impromptu machine-gun point to repel enemy infantry attacks, and overall, it bears the typical markings of armored vehicles of the 1950s with additional equipment and spare parts.

Style: "Galahad"
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