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Wargaming’s 15th Anniversary Special


This August marks the 15th year of Wargaming’s presence in the gaming industry. To commemorate this anniversary, we have prepared a lot of great specials for the entire month!

This weekend there will be an absolute blast on the battlefields! Celebrate with us and enjoy great many discounts and sweet bonuses! This is how we’ll be partying this weekend:


Premium Tank: LTP

As a token of our appreciation to our faithful player community, we will be distributing this Soviet Tier III Premium Light Tank to all accounts registered before the morning maintenance  on 2nd August. In addition, every player will get a free garage slot to store the vehicle as well!

Triple Crew Experience for each Battle

During the following days you will have the opportunity to boost up all your crews. Use this opportunity to get some new skills for your tankers!

15% Discount
on all Tier X Vehicles

That’s right – this weekend all Tier X vehicles will go for 85% of their usual credit price regardless of type or nation! Now’s the time to get all the steel beast you always wanted!

Up to 30% Discount
on Premium Ammo

Ammo reserves depleted? Not a problem – during the following days, all Premium ammunition types will cost up to 30% less! Make sure to resupply your cannons and fill up your storage areas, Commanders!

Up to 50% Discount
on Camouflage Patterns

Whether you go for a permanent or a temporary camouflage pattern, you will pay up to half the usual price! Time to apply some war paint on your machines!

50% Discount
on Crew (Re-) training
and Skill Reset

If you need to train or retrain your crew for a specific vehicle or fix their perks, this weekend you will be able to do it 50% cheaper! The  offer is valid for both credit and gold options!

Discounts on Premium Account Time

This weekend the 360 and 180 Days of Premium Account time will be discounted by 15%! In addition to this, 3 Days of Premium Account time will go for the price of one, and 7 Days of Premium Account time will go for the price of three, so for 250 and 650 Gold respectively.

If you are thinking of renewing your account’s Premium status, now is the perfect time to do it!

50% Discount on Garage and Barracks Slots

Want some new tanks but have no space for them? Are your barracks not big enough to accommodate all your crewmen? Buy a few more slots this weekend for half the price!

These bonuses are available from 2nd August 2013, 07:10 CEST to 5th August, 07:00 CEST. Enjoy!


Weekend Missions

In addition to all the hot discounts, there will also be some missions with great rewards for their completion!


 Mission #1: Losing is the Only Way

 Random battles only

  •  Be on the losing team and earn the most base experience (bonuses from Premium Account do not count)
  • The earned experience must be higher than the following values:
    • For Tiers I – III: 170 exp
    • For Tiers IV – VI: 350 exp
    • For Tiers VII – VIII: 460 exp
    • For Tiers IX – X: 500 exp

50% more experience and credits!


Mission #2: Be a Good Winner


 Random battles only


  • Be on the winning team and earn the most base experience (bonuses from Premium Account do not count)
  • The earned experience must be higher than the following values:
    • For Tiers I – III: 340 exp
    • For Tiers IV – VI: 700 exp
    • For Tiers VII – VIII: 920 exp
    • For Tiers IX – X: 1000 exp


Triple crew experience!


 Mission #3: Credits for Colours


Random battles only


Receive one of the following medals:

  • Top Gun
  • Patrol Duty
  • Crucial Contribution


Double credit income for the battle!



Make sure to also check out our other currently running offers!

Tank of the Month 30% more Credits for IS-2
Top of the Tree Discounts and additional Credits for French medium tanks
Interactive Special 30-50% discount and 50% bonus crew experience on the tech tree branch leading up to and including the German Tiger


Party on, Commanders!