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Version 8.8 Sneak Peek

Even though Version 8.7 has just been released, our development team does not rest on the laurels and is working hard on delivering even more improvements and top-notch content to World of Tanks! Here’s a short preview of what is planned for the upcoming patch:


New Branch of Soviet Medium Tanks:

  • A-43 (Tier VI)
  • A-44 (Tier VII)
  • Object 416 (Tier VIII)
  • Object 140 (Tier X)

Medium tank А-43 Medium tank А-44

Medium tank Object 416 Medium tank Object 140



New Additions to the German Tech Tree:

  • Durchbruchswagen 2 (Tier IV heavy tank)
  • VK 30.02 (M) (Tier VI medium tank)

Durchbruchswagen 2 VK 30.02 (M)



Changes in the German Tech Tree:

  • VK 30.01 H will be rebalanced and moved to Tier V as a heavy tank
  • VK 36.01 H will be rebalanced and reclassified as a heavy tank


2 new Chinese Premium Tanks:

  • T-34-3, Tier VIII Medium Tank
  • 112, Tier VIII Heavy Tank

T-34-3 112


New Map: Tundra

This Autumn-style map will introduce open spaces as well as some rocky and forest terrains.  



Please note that these are preliminary concepts which may be subject to change during further development.


Keep your eyes open for more information regarding the upcoming patch!