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Top of the Tree: French Mediums

In order to celebrate Wargaming’s 15th anniversary, we are having a series of two-week specials on the top tier tanks in the game. This time, it is the turn of the French! This special honours the branch of the French tree crowned by the famous Bat.-Châtillon 25t.

You have two full weeks to enjoy these useful bonuses on the highest blue vehicles:

30% discount on purchase and 30% more credits earned with the following French tanks:

Tier X  Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
Tier IX  Lorraine 40 t
Tier VIII  AMX 13 90


Who wouldn’t want to park the mighty “Batchat” in their garage? Get it for less, and if you already have it, just enjoy the profit bonus!

These bonuses will be available from 1st August 07:10 until 15th August 07:00 CEST (GMT +2). That’s two full weeks to feel the might of the blue steel side!

Happy big anniversary, commanders!