Chrysler K: The Meanest Sedan Around


Styled more like a front-engine GT car than a sedan, the VIII Chrysler K , with its roaring 1,200 h.p. engine, may be a product of the automotive industry, but it's certainly not road-legal.

The rear-mounted gun is ideal for exploiting non-destructible cover, offering great accuracy for its tier and a short aiming time of 1.9 s. It has decent damage per shot, and the high penetration of the Premium APCR rounds makes up for the average HE shells. Equip the Tank Gun Rammer and Vertical Stabilizer to maximize the gun's performance with an increased rate of fire and reduced dispersion, earning more credits and XP from more efficient battles.

Apart from a couple of incredibly discreet weak spots in the forward armor and the tiny cupola, the Chrysler K offers fantastic protection, making it ideal for sidescraping. Given this tank can even stand its ground against higher-tier vehicles when positioned well, it's worth learning its optimal angles and taking advantage of the 254 mm sloped frontal armor. Outlast the enemy even longer by checking out the Black Friday sale and finding a new style to increase your concealment value.

Add this unique American heavy to your collection, and enjoy all the benefits of a Premium vehicle—from crew bonuses and increased income, to easy crew transfers and Elite status! Don’t forget to also take aim at the additional offers in the Premium Shop!

Chrysler K Offer

Available from November 24 at 06:00 CET through December 1 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

PACKAGE CONTENTS Chrysler K 100% trained crew Garage slot WoT Premium Account x5 XP missions Personal Reserve: +300% to Crew XP for 1 hour DISCOUNT

How do the x5 XP missions work?



  • x5 XP for the battle


  • Win a battle
  • Be among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned


  • Random Battles only
  • Can only be completed with the vehicle in the bundle
    • Exception: special bundles with the main content being x5 XP missions
  • Mission will be active after achieving the first victory of the day in the vehicle you want to complete it with

Other Offers

Available from November 24 at 06:00 CET through December 1 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

  • 15,500
  • 10,000,000
ends in:
Boss Package
  • 5,000
  • 5,000,000
  • WoT Premium Account: 30 days
ends in:
Easy going
  • 2,000
  • 500,000
  • WoT Premium Account: 30 days
ends in:

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