Easy Tier VI Tanks You Should Go For


You probably noticed it a while ago, but World of Tanks is offering a more advanced tutorial experience after the Bootcamp: the Briefing. This series of easy and rewarding missions ends with a big gift: a token to unlock the Tier VI tank of your choice. If you didn't use it yet, or if you want to help your fellow tankers recruited through the new Referral Program, here is a small list to help you!


The KV-85 has overall decent armour and mobility. You can go for the 100 mm gun for better damage per minute and reliability, or the 122 mm gun and its big boom!

Going up the line, the advantages of the vehicles become high damage per shot, sloped and strong armour, and good mobility. At the top of the line, you'll find the IS-7, combining those traits into one formidable vehicle. 

Tech Tree path: KV-85ISIS-3Object 257IS-7


The O-I is so big it won't fit our table! This Japanese heavy tank is a real threat in World of Tanks, thanks to its strong armour and a choice of guns: either a strong cannon with good damage per shot and high penetration, or a howitzer with dangerous HE shells.

The gameplay throughout the line is consistent, so if you like this vehicle, you will be fine up until the very last tank: the Type 5 Heavy, and its crazy large HP pool.

Tech Tree path: O-IO-NiO-HoType 4 HeavyType 5 Heavy


A good mix of firepower, mobility, and resilience makes of the T-34-85 easy to play and a new player's favourite!

While there are multiple ways to go with this vehicle, we advise you to take the road to the Object 430U, a very strong Tier X. Both its hull and turret is crazy tough and its alpha damage is quite impressive for a medium tank!

Tech Tree path: T-34-85T-43T-44Object 430Object 430U

40TP Habicha

The 40TP might be classified as a medium tank, however, its armour layout and mobility encourage a heavier approach. Its 90 mm gun makes short work of many opponents you face, but be close to your target.

Later on, the line turns into actual heavy tanks with strong hull armour and very tough turrets. This makes it easy going hull-down, meaning you only show your turret, the most difficult part to penetrate. Also worth mentioning is the excellent damage per shot on those vehicles.

Tech Tree path: 40TP 45TP53TP50TP60TP

Jagdpanzer IV

If you want to try out sniping, this tank is a good choice. The Jagdpanzer IV's main advantages are the amazing camouflage value, and the terrifying damage per minute with the 8,8 cm gun.

When advancing through the branch the gameplay changes from sniping to a more aggressive style. So even if you turn out not liking the more defensive gameplay at the start, the successive vehicles are sturdier and more forgiving. At the top is the Jagdpanzer E 100, a massive destroyer with an incredible single shot potential.

Tech Tree path: Jg.Pz. IVJPantherFerdinandJagdtigerJg.Pz. E 100

VK 30.02 (M)

As the prototype of the iconic Panther, it combines decent survivability, mobility, and reliability. While the damage per shot is lower than average, it's easily balanced out with the superior accuracy and rate of fire.

Through the line, the main advantages are their guns, featuring high penetration and great accuracy. Starting from the E 50, you'll see a massive improvement in terms of armour as well as damage per shot, peaking with the E 50 Ausf. M at Tier X.

Tech Tree path: VK 30.02 (M)PantherPanther IIE 50E 50 Ausf. M

There is one thing these vehicles have in common: they are fairly forgiving - not just one or two vehicles of the line but the vast majority of it. They boast both good survivability and effective armament, as with those you are able to both take and deal damage without too much worry. Of course, those are only suggestions, and the ultimate decision on which vehicle to take is on you.


Roll out!