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Tank destroyer Special


This weekend is entirely dedicated to tank destroyers from World of Tanks. If you’re looking for a powerful weapon with high penetration then look no further! Tank destroyers have all you want! Now take a closer look at our specials.

The Tank destroyers Special begins on Friday, April 20th at 9:30 CEST (7:30 GMT) and ends on Tuesday April 24that 7:00 CEST (5:00GMT).

During this time, you can benefit from:

50% discount on following tank destroyers to increase your arsenal for each nation:
  • SU-76 (Soviet tier III)
  • SU-100 (Soviet tier VI)
  • Marder II (German tier III)
  • JagdPz IV (German tier VI)
  • T40 (American tier IV)
  • M36 Slugger (American tier VI)
50% discount on garage slots to park you brand new vehicles.
50% discount on consumables purchased for credits to help your tank crew during the battles.


Have fun and see you on the battlefield!