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Special: Steel Warrior Weekend


This weekend will be the perfect time to show off your prowess in tank-driving, and prove that you are worthy of calling yourselves Steel Warriors! Descend upon your enemies like a tidal wave of red-hot lead and confirm your superiority by planting your flag on the mound of burning wrecks that were once your enemies! Here are a few things to help you out on your path to domination:


Double Crew Experience

Train your valiant crew at double the rate and add their skills to your ferocity on the battlefield!


50% discount and 50% income bonus on the following vehicles: 

V T1 Heavy Tank  
V AT 2  
V StuG III  
V BDR G1 B  
V KV-1  
V Type T-34  
IV M3 Lee  
IV Matilda  
IV Pz.Kpfw. III  
IV AMX 40  


50% discount on the following premium tank:

IV Valentine II  

Use this opportunity to get this Soviet Tier IV Premium Light Tank at half the usual price!


30% discount on the following premium tank destroyer:

VII AT 15A  

This British Tier VII Premium Tank Destroyer is a one tough nut to crack and now you can get it for 1/3 less!


50% Discount on Barrack Slots

Now is the perfect time to get some additional bunks for your brave tankers!


Mission: Fearsome Fortress


Gain the Steel Wall medal


X2 Crew Experience (stacks with main bonus to give you x3 overall!)


Random Battles Only

You can enjoy these bonuses from Saturday 12th October 2013 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Tuesday 15th October 2013 07:00 CEST.


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To battle, Steel Warriors!