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Special: These Are Not the Tanks You’re Looking For


As you know, all of the vehicles in World of Tanks are based on real designs from the World War II era. Some, such as the Tiger, IS-series and Churchill are well known for their successes during the war. However, not all of the vehicles in the game made it as far as the production stage. In fact some never made it off the blueprints, condemned to an existence only in the imagination of their inventors. Perhaps the designs were somehow impractical, too expensive or were simply scrapped due to the war coming to an end.

Bring out some of these vehicles this weekend and imagine how things might have turned out if they had ever made it into production!

x2 Crew Experience

Whatever vehicle you are driving, your crews will earn experience at twice the normal rate!

Medal Hunt: Patrol Duty

It’s time to help your team by spotting vehicles for them to damage! Whenever you earn the Patrol Duty medal this weekend by detecting at least six enemy vehicles so your team-mates can damage them, you will win an extra 25,000 credits!


30% Discount and 30% Credit Bonus on the following Tier VII Vehicles:
Type Nation  Tank 
VK 30.02 (D)
Black Prince
AMX M4(1945)

Live the dream! Pick up these big hypothetical beasties for less and earn more with them!

80% Increased Credit Bonus with the following Tier III Vehicles:
Type Nation Vehicle
Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C
Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. G
AMX 38
Vickers Medium Mk. III

For those who prefer the small and nimble vehicles of the lower tiers – dust them off and earn a massive 80% additional credits for every battle with them!

From Saturday 25th May 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Tuesday 28th May 08:00 CEST you will be able to enjoy above mentioned in-game bonuses. 

 These are not the tanks you’re looking for, Commander. Move along.