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Special Offer: Mixed Party!


We are sure you had a great time celebrating last weekend’s Special. Amongst all the vehicles included in the offer we could see that the higher tiers ones were the most popular. This weekend we want to draw your attention to the ones in the middle to avoid any effects of the “middle tank sibling syndrome”. This week’s guest tanks are all from Tiers IV and V, and include light, medium and heavy tanks of all nations.

From Saturday 18th May 07:10 CEST (GMT+2) until Tuesday 21st May 07:00 CEST (GMT +2) you will be able to benefit from the following in-game bonuses: 


Medal Hunt: Steel Wall

Be strong as you will have to endure at least 11 shots to be considered tough enough to deserve this achievement. Each time you earn the Steel Wall medal, you will be rewarded a 7,000 credits bonus!



x2 crew experience for all in-game vehicles 

Give your tank crews a workout this weekend so that they can learn their skills faster!


50% off the following Tier IV and V tanks: 




AMX 40 

M5A1 Stuart 


Pzkpfw III 

M3 Lee 

Pzkpfw III/IV 


T1 Heavy Tank


Churchill I 


You will also be able to enjoy 80% increased profits on all of these vehicles. 


Make the most of our special, but remember that it only lasts for a few days.