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Special: High Five

The holiday season has started and we would like to congratulate all students and graduates in the community – well done, Commanders!

This weekend we are giving you a high-five for your efforts and a bunch of neat bonuses to your Tier V tanks! If you haven’t driven your mid-tier tanks for a while, now’s your chance to roll them out or get some new ones! Here’s what awaits you this weekend:


X3 Experience for the first victory

Whether you drive medium tanks, heavies, lights, tank destroyers or self-propelled guns, you will earn more experience this weekend.


Medal Hunt: Patrol Duty

Help your team damage enemy vehicles by detecting them.  If you manage to detect at least 6 enemy vehicles which are then damaged by your allies, you will be awarded the Patrol Duty Medal, and you will receive a bonus of 25,000 Credits. This bonus will be automatically credited to your account when you receive the medal.


50% Discount and 50% Income Bonus on all Tier V tanks

That’s right! All Tier V tanks will go for half of their usual price and will earn 50% more credits per battle! Tier V’s for everyone!

Important: Please note that SPGs and Premium vehicles are not included in this bonus. 


50% Discount on the following Tier V Premium tanks:

Matilda IV


Matilda Black Prince

Ram II



Discount on Premium Accounts:

  • Get 3 days of Premium for 350 gold (usually 650 gold)
  • Get 7 days of Premium for 650 gold (usually 1250 gold)

Premium account time gives you extra experience and even more credits for every battle you play!


Weekend Mission:

We have also prepared a special assignment for the players eager for more bonuses!


  • Tier V tanks only (no SPGs)

Conditions :

  • Score a minimum of 500 basic XP in the battle (bonuses from  premium account and first victory do not count)
  • Destroy at least 5 vehicles during the course of the battle

All players driving eligible vehicles who have fulfilled these conditions will be awarded with a bonus of an additional 1,000 XP!

You can enjoy these bonuses from Saturday 13th July 2013 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Tuesday 16th July 07:00 CEST. 


Make sure to also check out our other currently running offers!

Tank of the Month

30 % more Credits for AMX 13 75

Big and Heavy

Discounts and additional Credits for high-tier medium British tanks

Random Draw Special

30-50% discount and 50% bonus crew experience on the tech tree branch leading up to and including the French AMX AC Mle. 46



If you like the image for this special, you can download it as a wallpaper!




Have a great weekend, Commanders!