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Special Mission: Every Hero Once Started Small


We know that the challenges associated with taking your first steps on the road to becoming a tank ace can be very demanding: you completed your training, received your assignments, your Tier I tanks and now it's real battlefield action you’re facing.

In order to help you out in the beginning, we will be issuing a special mission this April, which will yield additional XP and credit income bonuses when completed:

Every Hero Once Started Small


  • + 50% XP
  • 50%


  • Random Battles only
  • Players with less than 100 battles fought only
  • Repeatable


  • Deal at least 25 points of damage to an enemy vehicle over the course of a battle


This mission will be available from Wednesday 1 April at 07:10 until Friday 1 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2).


A glorious career awaits you, Recruits!