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Special: Fire and Forget!


If you liked the last edition of Anniversary Manoeuvres, you will definitely enjoy this special! Take your trusty SPG for a spin and remind your enemies why they should always look up! Here’s what you can expect this weekend:

Triple Experience for the First Victory of the Day

Experience is the most valuable among the spoils of victory!

50% Discount and Income Bonus on the following SPGs:

III M7 Priest  
III Sexton II  
III Wespe  
III Lorraine 39L AM  
III SU-26  
IV M37  
IV Birch Gun  
IV Pz.Sfl.IVb  
IV 105 AM mle. 47  
IV SU-5  
V M41  
V Bishop  
V Grille  
V 13 105 AM mle. 50  
V SU-122A  


50% Discount on Consumables

Replenish your supplies at half the price - both gold and credit options!

50% Discount on Barracks’ slots

New vehicles require new crews – get some additional bunks to accommodate your men!

50% Discount on all Crew Training options

Train your men well – the vehicle is only as good as its crew after all!



Fire and Forget!
Destroy 4 or more enemy vehicles in a single battle
+50% Credit income for the battle
  • Random battles only
  • Using SPGs of Tier IV or higher only

*Please note that this mission does not have a limitation on how many times you can complete it – as long as it is active and the goals are fulfilled, you can enjoy the reward!


You can enjoy these bonuses from Saturday 7th December 2013 06:10 CET (GMT +1) until Tuesday 10th December 2013 06:00 CET.


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Get out there and make your shells blot out the sun!