A Year Of Premium Account and Three Tanks on Top


Here's a new way to celebrate gamescom: make the best of this amazing offer featuring a whole year of World of Tanks Premium Account and three amazing vehicles on top - for free!

  • Deeply connected to the story of Cologne, the T26E3 Eagle 7 defeated a Panther near the iconic German city's cathedral.  In World of Tanks, just like any Pershing, this Tier VII medium tank is perfect for king of the hill tactics, using its strong mantlet, gun depression, and a nice alpha to thrive on the battlefield.
  • Also packing a rich backstory, the Bretagne Panther was once used by the Germans, captured by the French and was finally restored by our friends of the Saumur Tank Museum. In our game, it's a versatile vehicle with tough armour, and a powerful and accurate gun.
  • Recently introduced, the T78 is the perfect mix of all the great traits that American tank destroyers have to offer. Reliable, fast, easy to hide and with a fully-rotatable turret – this Tier VI hunter is dangerously sneaky.

360 days - Gamescom Edition
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