Soviet Reinforcements from COBI


Recently, COBI models received one hell of a reinforcement with the arrival of the fearsome Jagdpanzer E 100 to the World of Tanks' range. But now it's time for the Soviet to fight back with not one, but two iconic vehicles.

First in the line, the glorious KV-2. This isn't the first time our friends at COBI shape this tank from their plastic blocks, but it's by far the best version yet, as it captures the infamous turret of this howitzer-packing vehicle perfectly. 

Although it only existed as a prototype, the IS-7 remains an important chapter of the Soviet heavy tanks development, and an amazing Tier X for all our players! Once again, COBI did a great job at capturing the angled silhouette of this vehicle, and the commander is simply too cute to not be loved. 

Get them right now and receive the following in-game rewards on top of these sets:

  •  3 days of World of Tanks Premium Account
  •   Large Repair Kits 
  •   Extra Combat Rations



Roll out!