IS-2: An Iconic Soviet Brawler


It's April 16, 1945. Soviet forces are primed on the outskirts of Berlin. Over 6,000 tanks, mainly sturdy VII IS-2 s and brand-new T-34/85s, stack up against whatever German tank crews can muster. The Battle of Berlin is afoot, and the IS-2 is about to prove its pivotal role once again.

Built barely a year earlier, the IS-2 was intended to be a step up from the standard IS, with a powerful 122 mm gun, better armor angling, and improved ground resistance. The nearly 4,000 built versions were used extensively in the assaults on the fortress cities of Budapest, Breslau, and Berlin during the Second World War and were often identified by fellow Soviet tank crews by their thick white stripes.

Now it's your chance to follow in history's footsteps with this week's collector's gem—command the boisterous IS-2 in World of Tanks! Charge the front and break through enemy defences with all-around solid armor, a hard-hitting gun, and a large 1,280 HP pool. The high 1,902 DPM is undermined somewhat by the cost in accuracy, but as one of the best brawlers in its tier, it will still make your opponents quiver when you're in the heat of battle. Add this historic Soviet tank and its crew with Brother’s in Arms as a zero perk to your collection today!

IS-2 Offers

Available from November 23 at 06:00 CET through November 25 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

PACKAGE CONTENTS IS-2 Garage slot Gold x5 XP missions Personal Reserves: +200% to Crew XP for 1 hour AS A GIFT Crew with Brothers in Arms
as a zero perk

Roll Out!