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Interactive Special: Second edition

If you have a favourite tank, or if you are half-way towards researching your potential new favourite, you will enjoy our upcoming event which we have named the Interactive Special. The deal is simple – we have built a poll containing all the Tier VII tanks and Tier V SPGs available in the game. All you have to do is to vote for the tank you want us to take as the main character in a Special Offer, which will last for seven days.

The poll will run from Monday 20th May until Monday 27th May. The options are:















 T25 AT




 AT 7


 Black Prince



 VK 30.02 (D)


 Tiger (P)


 AMX AC Mle.46

 AMX 13 75

 AMX M4 (1945)

AMX 13 F3 AM



Once the winning tank has been picked, the discounts and bonus will be applied to all tanks of the same branch up to the chosen one (inclusive) as follows:

  • The initial II to V tier tanks of the branch will get a 50% discount
  • The VI and VII tier tanks of the branch will get a 30% discount
  • And all the tier tanks, including the chosen one (tier VII), will be getting 50% additional crew experience in all games played with them.

Let’s see it better with an example.

Imagine that the most voted tank from the poll is the Tiger P. Players will then benefit from the following discounts and bonus for one week:

II - V Tier tanks

VI and VII Tier tanks

50% discount:

  • Pz. IV
  • Pz. 38 nA
  • Pz. 38 (t)
  • Pz. 35 (t)

30% discount:

  • Tiger P         
  • VK 30.01 P

All these tanks will get 50% additional crew experience.


Vote for your favourite tank on the forum thread linked to this article! Don’t miss your chance to build your own Special!