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Winner of the Interactive Poll

The interactive poll is closed and we want to announce the winners. As there are only a few tanks left, we will make a change to this special next week!

The Interactive Offer

The latest Interactive Offer is taking place from Monday, 18th November 06:10 CET (GMT +1) until 25th November 06:00 CET (GMT +1).

The current winner is: KV-13 (USSR)


The following vehicles are included in the offer:

50% Discount

Tier II T-26

Tier III T-46

Tier IV T-28

Tier V KV-1
30% Discount

Tier VI KV-1S

Tier VI MT-25

Tier VII KV-13
50% more crew experience for every above-mentioned tank!


Thank you very much for voting in the interactive poll!