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Gift Shop Offer to celebrate the New Year!


Throughout December we have been bringing you a range of packages in the Gift Shop.  We are finishing up with a special offer on one of our most popular permanent packages – we are having a discount on premium accounts!  Whether you want 180 days or 360 days you can enjoy 10% off the cost. Give a tank commander you know the gift of a premium account, or just treat yourself!

Remember, this offer will only be around between 06:30 CET (05:30 GMT) on the 29th December and 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT) on the 5th January before the price reverts to normal.

Package composition 

Total gold value 



Premium: 360 days

24 000


73,99 EUR

Premium : 180 days

13 500


43,99 EUR


Roll out !