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Flashback: Heavy Steel Weekend


Knowing what fun it is to drive heavy weight-class vehicles and hear the sound of enemy vehicles being crushed beneath your tracks, we have decided to improve the experience even further by providing additional bonuses and discounts. That is why we are inviting you to relive the much-appreciated Heavy Steel Weekend and rule the battlefields with your sturdy heavy tanks! This is what you can expect:


Triple Experience for the First Victory of the Day

Regardless of your vehicle of choice, your first victorious battle will shower you with XP!


30% Discount and 20% Increased Income on the following Heavy Tanks:

VII T29  
VII Black Prince  
VII Tiger I  
VII Tiger (P)  
VII AMX M4 mle. 45  
VII KV-3  
VII IS-2  


50% Discount on the T14 Premium Tank

V T14  

Get this sturdy American heavy at half the price!


50% Discount on Crew (Re-)Training

Get new crews or transfer old ones to new vehicles for 50% cheaper for all training options!



Heavy Steel Weekend
Deal 5,000 damage in one battle
  • Random battles only
  • Using heavy tanks only (premium heavies included)


You can enjoy these bonuses from Friday 13th December 2013 06:10 until Monday 16th December 2013 06:00 CET (GMT +1).


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Crush everything in your path, Commanders!