Tiger 131 Joins Italeri’s World of Tanks Arsenal!

As far as rarity goes, you don’t get much more unique than the Tiger 131. Captured in Tunisia by British forces in 1943, it was the only remaining Tiger I tank in the world… until now!

New to Italeri’s World of Tanks range of models, the Tiger 131 is a detailed 1:35 scale model of the real deal. Italeri are producing a limited edition run of only 1,500 models of what is likely to become a collector’s item for World of Tanks fans. The set includes glue to help you bring your tank to life, and an A3 poster of the Tiger 131 to adorn your wall!

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The set includes a bonus code redeemable in World of Tanks PC, which gives you 3 days of Premium Account, a Large Repair Kit, and an Automatic Fire Extinguisher in-game. You’ll also receive an invite code to share with friends, entitling them to a few in-game goodies to kickstart their adventures in World of Tanks!

You can also check out the Tiger 131 at the Wargaming Store, where it's available to buy now!

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The Tiger 131 is a limited edition and won't be around for long, so don’t sit around until they’re all gone!

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