The T26E3 Eagle 7 has landed again

T26E3. The Eagle 7. The Panther's nemesis. The king of the hill. This tank has many names, and all of them are to be feared by the enemy!

Indeed, this vehicle is a variant of an American classic, the M26 Pershing, but at Tier VII. This medium tank is perfect if you like to take advantage of the popular hull-down tactic. With its strong turret and great view range, the Eagle 7 is made for peeking out of cover to land precise shots, as our guide explains.

This gun is known for the three shots it used to stop an ambushed Panther during the famous duel of Cologne in 1945. So if you like your tanks to have some historical credibility, add the Eagle 7 to your garage of collectors' tanks right now!

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