M46 Patton and IS-2 Join The Cobi Nano Armoury!

Like the sting of a bee, or a well-placed uppercut from a lightweight division boxer, sometimes it’s the smaller things that pack the greatest of punches - and that’s certainly true of Cobi's Nano World of Tanks range, which is introducing two new tanks to the family!

The first of these miniature combatants entering the hotly contested desktop battlefield is the American medium tank M46 Patton, a fan-favourite with good manouvrability and a knack for being notoriously hard to destroy!  

The Soviet heavy tank IS-2 is also storming on to the scene to demand your shelf space! These tanks were used to great effect by Soviet forces in assaults on Budapest and Berlin, but rest assured they won't damage your furniture.

These miniature models use over 50 bricks each, giving these pint-sized powerhouses a uniquely blocky, chunky charm!


Each tank also comes with a bonus code to bag you some extra in-game content in World of Tanks for PC, including one day of Premium Account and an Automatic Fire Extinguisher!

You can also check out these models over at the Wargaming Store, where they're available to buy now!

To the Wargaming Store!  

Commanders, take your armoury beyond the screen with Cobi Nano Tanks!