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Big and Heavy: British Missions


The battlefields are wild zones, and to survive you need to be very skilled. It is time to show us your warrior competency by achieving a number of special missions on the battlefield. After all, a real tanker will always follow orders, and especially when the mission involves the biggest tiers available in the game. 

We are continuing with the Big and Heavy specials to honour the 15th Anniversary of Wargaming, and this time it comes with bonuses for the top end of the British medium tank branch. 


Enjoy 30% discount and 30% increased profits with the following medium British tanks:


Centurion Mk. I


Centurion Mk. 7/1




If you have dreams about driving these big machines, and you still don’t have them in your garage, then you will enjoy the discount on their sale price. If you already have them, you will be pleased to know that they will earn you more credits after each battle. 



However, that is not all. Once you are in the battlefields with these beasts, you need to achieve the Victory Mission:

If you achieve 15 victories with each one of these 3 vehicles (so 45 victories in two weeks), you will be rewarded with  500 !

          Please note that this mission can only be completed once per account.


Not got these tanks yet? Go out hunting them instead by accepting the Destruction Mission

           Destroy one of each of the 3 vehicles in this special in random battles, and you will be rewarded with a garage slot.

           Please note that this mission can only be completed once per account.


This special offer starts on 1st July at 07:10 and ends on 15th July at 07:00 CEST (GMT+2). This means you have two full weeks to enjoy the bonuses and the missions!

Ready, Commanders?  The battlefield awaits you!