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Big and Heavy: American Missions


The time has come to abandon the notions of half-measures and ineffectual exchange of shots to rule the battlefields. It’s time to resort to diplomacy – through superior firepower!

This Big and Heavy Special will focus on those American top tier tanks that have autoloaders, and will provide great bonuses to anyone who is driving these vehicles or trying to get them.


Enjoy 30% discount and 30% increased profits with the following American tanks:









T57 Heavy


If you have dreamed about driving these magnificent machines, and you still don’t have them in your garage, then you will enjoy the discount on their sale price. If you already have them, you will be pleased to know that they will earn you more credits after each battle. 



In addition to the discounts and earning bonuses, you can also take part in the Destruction Mission, which will grant additional goodies for anyone who completes it.

Mission: If you manage to destroy one of each of the three vehicles listed above in random battles during this special, you will be awarded with two Large Repair Kits


+ + =


 Please note that this mission can only be completed once per account per day.


This special offer starts on 15th July at 07:10 and ends on 30th July at 07:00 CEST (GMT+2). This means you have two full weeks to enjoy the bonuses and complete the mission!


Roll out!