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Big and Heavy Part 2


It is natural that the more you strive for experience on the battlefields, the more magnificent machine you’ll be able to command! When you reach the master commander level, the only way to show your advanced skills and feel the ultimate excitement is to jump into a colossal machine. Wargaming is also becoming a master in its field, so we understand your Big and Heavy needs well. As a part of our 15th anniversary celebrations, we are offering you a special bonus on selected heavy tanks for the next two weeks!

From Wednesday 15th May 07:10 CEST until Wednesday 29th May 07:00 CEST (GMT+2), this second edition of the Big and Heavy special will offer you:

30% discount and 30% increased credits on the following American heavy tanks:

Tier VIII T32
  Tier IX M103
  Tier X T110E5

Have you been struggling to obtain one of those outstanding American heavies? This edition of our Big and Heavy special will help you to reach your dream tank for less, and will also supply you with increased credit gains for the duration of the offer.

If you are raring to learn some gameplay tactics and view an in-depth analysis of one of these tanks, then our video news about the T32 is exactly what you are looking for!


Is your adrenalin level already rising when you imagine your Loader readying for the next shot? Don’t delay to roll out, and just aim for the most critical part of your enemy to finish them off!