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Back from Holidays Special


We hope that you had lots of fun during this holiday season and came back safely and full of energy! This week we’ll be having an exquisite special to give you a warm welcome back! Make sure to log in as there will be many bonuses waiting for you:


3x Crew Experience

If you neglected your tankmen during your holidays, now it’s the time to catch up!


50% Discount on Crew (Re-) Training and Skill Reset

If you need to train or retrain your crew for a specific vehicle or fix their skills, this weekend you will be able to do it 50% cheaper! The offer is valid for both credit and gold options!


50% Discount on Equipment and Consumables

The long-awaited discounts are here! Use this opportunity to improve your vehicles’ performance and to gather supplies for the battles to come!


In addition to these great discounts, there will also be 2 missions for you to complete:

Seeing the summer
Win the battle
+10% Experience and Credit income bonus for the battle
Summer maps only


Hard to learn, easy to fight
Win and survive the battle
X3 Crew Experience for the battle*
Tiers I-IV only


*This bonus will be added to the active event bonus. The calculation is as follows:

Player gets his own x3 crew experience = x1 base exp as player normally receive + 200% exp as bonus = x3 (300% total).

When player additionally completes the mission = x1 base exp + 200% for x3 crew + 200% from mission (because x1 base exp you've already received) = x5 (500%) total.

Please note that there is no limit to how many times you can complete these missions – as long as the conditions are met and the missions are active, you will always get the reward!


You can enjoy these bonuses from Tuesday 3rd September 2013 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Friday 6th September 07:10 CEST.


Make sure to also check out our other currently running offers!

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Welcome back, Commanders!