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Special: August is Coming


August will be important for us. At the moment, we are a bit like children waiting for a birthday party, sending cards and choosing the balloons… well, we won’t say anything more but we are really excited! As we are waiting for the real goodies to arrive, this weekend’s special is small. However, we have a few bonuses and two nice missions to enjoy this weekend … just to get you in the mood for the upcoming ones!

Double Crew Experience

A well-trained crew can improve your vehicle’s performance dramatically, so this weekend your crew will learn faster.

Make your tankers smarter!

Mission: Fear Me!

If you manage to deal at least 3,000 points of damage and destroy at least 3 enemy vehicles in a single random battle, you will automatically be rewarded with double the amount of experience you won for this epic battle.

It is time to get the big guns out!

Mission: Experience Earner

If you manage to earn at least 50,000 experience points in a single day, you will automatically be rewarded with one day of Premium account. Please note: the bonus experience granted for premium accounts and the first victory of the day will count towards the total. However, other bonuses (including that awarded for completing ‘Fear Me!’) will not.

A day lasts 24 hours... are you ready for the challenge?

Of course, this mission can be achieved every day once per account during the offer. 

Mission: The Reaver

This mission is for the drivers of Tier IV or higher. Choose your weapon: light, medium or heavy tank, then enter random battles and destroy as many enemies as you can in a single day. A day starts at 07:01 and ends at 07:00 CEST (GMT+2)


If you drive... ...and you destroy... will earn
 Light Tank of Tier IV–X 25 enemies in one day  Improved Ventilation (Class 1)
 Medium Tank of Tier IV–X 50 enemies in one day  Improved Ventilation (Class 2)
 Heavy Tank of Tier IV–X 50 enemies in one day  Improved Ventilation (Class 3)

You can complete this mission with each of the three tank types, but only once per account for each type.

Which are your favourite light, medium and heavy tanks to achieve this mission?


Medal Hunt: Confederate

Each time you earn the Confederate medal by helping your team to destroy enemies, you will automatically earn 15,000 credits. You must have damaged more vehicles (at least six) that were then destroyed by others (or self-destroyed) than anyone else in the battle. The medal is awarded only to the best team-players.

Be the team-mate everyone wants in their team!


50% discount on (re)training

Sometimes, you need to rearrange your crew to better suit the tactics you have developed. This weekend is the right time to relocate your crewmen.

Give your crew a new chance to shine!


50% discount on barrack bunks

Do you need to hire more and more people as your arsenal increases? Provide them a sweet place to sleep for less.

Lights off at 22:00, no mobile phones allowed.


These bonuses and missions are available in-game from 27th July at 07:10 until 31st July at 07:00 CEST (GMT +2)

While you are trying to achieve your missions, there are still other bonuses to check!

Tank of the Month

30 % more credits when driving the AMX 13 75.

Random Draw

The tech branch up to the Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger (P) is discounted and will earn you 50% more credits.

Big and Heavy

The highest tiers of the American branch are 30% cheaper and will earn you 30% more credits.


Roll into August!