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Anniversary Manoeuvres – Medium Tanks Winners

Another Anniversary Manoeuvres month has been and gone! From mid-September to mid-October, we asked you to go out and play your medium tanks! All you had to do was to score as much experience as you could in a single battle, and up for grabs were some great prizes – gold, premium tanks, even a full 15 years of premium account!

Don’t forget that no further action was needed to enter. This means that if you played any medium tank during the month of the contest, then you could be a winner!

The full list of winners for Anniversary Manoeuvres – Medium Tanks can be found on this special page.

Were you a winner? If so, then congratulations!

There is one last chance to win at Anniversary Manoeuvres – Self-Propelled Guns Month has just started, so bring out your SPGs and see how much experience you can get! 



Good luck and stay tuned for all contest news!