Premium Trip Around the Sun with Free Tanks


A Premium Account is the easiest way to enhance your World of Tanks experience.

  • You’ll receive 50% more XP and Credits for every battle, no matter if you win or lose.
  • You get the option to exclude another map that you might not be a big fan of.
  • The special credit reserve stock is filled with every battle and will distribute a nice Credit bonus after a week.
  • Playing together with friends in a platoon yields an additional Credit bonus of 15% for you and 10% for your fellow platoonmates without a premium account.
  • Did you play an extraordinarily good match and collected lots of experience? Why not triple the amount with a special x3 XP multiplier that can be added 5 times a day?!
  • And last but not least, a World of Tanks Premium Account grants access to three special daily missions for great in-game rewards.

Premium Anniversary Year!
ends in:

As part of our 10-year celebration, we have enhanced the "360 days of World of Tanks Premium Account" package with two great Premium tanks.

The  VIII WZ-120-1G FT  is listed as a tank destroyer, but plays like a medium tank, only one without a turret. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a powerful and gun and has a very sloped upper front plate. The perfect close combat fighter!

The Polish VI Pudel  is based on the German Panther Ausf. G and this is where it gets its good qualities from, especially regarding the gun. Use the high penetration, fast aim time and great accuracy to eat feast on enemy HP, or your nice power-to-weight ratio to just ram smaller tiers back to the garage.

Please note: Both tanks are added as a gift to the 360-day-package and will, therefore, not be compensated with gold or credits if they already exist on the account.

Don’t miss out on this great chance to upgrade your account without having to worry about missing out on Credits or XP for almost a year!

Roll Out!