Collector's Gem of the Week: TOG II*


The TOG II* is one truly remarkable vehicle. It is the longest vehicle in the game, which is why it's sometimes referred to as a ship. Because of the size, the HP is humongous as well, and it benefits from preferential matchmaking, meaning that it won't see any Tier VIII opponents. The gun is the classic British 17-pounder, capable of wrecking the enemy within a short time. Driving a TOG II* is definitely a unique experience, don't miss your chance!

This vehicle is available in the Premium Shop from 19 September at 07:00 to 21 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2).

  • TOG II* – Best Buy
  • TOG II* – Standard
TOG II* – Best Buy
  • VI TOG II*  
  •  Garage Slot
  • 1,500 
  •  10 Personal Reserves: +100% XP for 1 hour




Roll out!