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Premium Shop: Offers for September 2015

From 1 September at 07:10 until 1 October at 07:00 CET (UTC+2), enjoy the following offers:


Cherry on the Top

€ 29.99


This offer will definitely interest all those who value the basic resources above anything.

This bundle of sweetness contains just the thing to hit the spot. It contains nothing other than the cream of Premium contents: 30 days of Premium Account and 7,000

You know what’s the cherry on top of the Cherry on Top bundle? The fact that 1,000 in the total amount included in this bundle comes as a free bonus! Sweet!



Other Special Offers:

Ultimate Treat

€ 49.99

Offer of the Month

€ 19.99

Support Drop

€ 19.99

Basic Needs

€ 13.49


Don’t forget that these offers are just a sample of those that are available. Visit the Premium Shop to find the extensive list of everything you can get!

Premium Account

A premium account allows you to earn more credits and experience per battle so that you can progress more quickly in the game. All the information about the advantages of a premium account can be found in our guide.


Roll out, Commanders!