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Simple and Convenient: The New Face of the Premium Shop


We are pleased to present to you the new and improved Premium Shop! It's better, more convenient and has been revamped for a more appealing design.

Navigation is now much simpler and finding the right product is easier and faster than ever before. Moreover, all previously available features are still at your disposal: a wide variety of available payment methods, effective filters for sorting packages, a selection of great discounts and much more. When it comes to notable innovations, you can now enjoy a beautiful showcase of the product. For example, when browsing Premium tanks, you can not only read their descriptions, but can also check out screenshots and even watch videos about them!

Of course, this is not the end for the process of improving your experience. In fact, the Premium Shop will continue to be further developed in the direction of convenience and positive user-friendliness. The updated Premium Shop is already available - just click on the button below or on our website and enjoy!

Of course, we also encourage you to leave your feedback in the forum section.