Extra Gold for Every Purchase!


Are you in need of gold for a new Premium vehicle, some style sets, or Premium Account? Then check this offer out, giving you more gold, the more you buy!

Receive bonus gold with your accumulated purchases – only for two days!

Limited gold offer
  • Receive bonus gold for the following purchase values:
  • <10€ = 5% extra gold
  • 10-20€ = 10% extra gold
  • >20€ = 15% extra gold
ends in:

10€ = 40.11 PLN / 246.22 CZK / 8.56 GBP
20€ = 80.22 PLN / 492.44 CZK /17.11 GBP

How does it work?

  • This offer is valid from June 27 at 11:00 to June 29 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2):
    • For purchases worth up to 10€, you'll receive 5% of your purchase value in gold on top.
    • For purchases worth between 10 and 20€, you'll receive 10% of your purchase value in gold on top.
    • For purchases worth more than 20€, you'll receive 15% of your purchase value in gold on top.
  • You can make purchases multiple times in this timeframe, and each counts towards the total. Every bundle you buy in the Premium Shop counts, even the ones not containing any gold – only the purchase value matters.
    • Example: a purchase of 5€ on June 27 and another one for 20€ on June 28 will accumulate to a total of 25€. Since the total is over 20€, the bonus gold would be 15% of the purchase value. 25€ would be, in this case, about 6,800. 15% of 6,800 is 1,020 you would receive on top.
    • Check out here how much gold you can get for any amount.
  • The bonus gold will be credited to your account on July 3.


Use the chance to stock up on gold now!