Wargaming Store: How are World of Tanks model kits made?


Would you like to build models of the same tanks you command in World of Tanks?

Are you looking to make your tank collection come to life or know somebody who enjoys building models? 

Then you are in for a treat with Italeri's World of Tanks model kits! We've teamed up with the popular manufacturer of scale models to produce kits based on tanks featured in-game.

Check out below to get the whole story behind Italeri and the manufacturing of their models!

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Italeri, scale modelling since 1962

Italeri was born in Bologna in the early 60s. It evolved quickly and became a leading company in the static scale modelling world.

The Italeri products range has grown throughout the years, reaching more than 1,500 articles; this is also thanks to the acquisition of moulds from the Protar and Esci companies. Nowadays, Italeri covers all categories which characterise the scale modelling world, from military subjects (aircraft, helicopters, figures, ships, and military vehicles) to civil vehicles (cars, bikes, and trucks).

The right balance ofour know-how and international influences, together with a wide range of subjects, has turned out to be the best strategy in a demanding market composed of enthusiasts who are very careful when it comes to details and accuracy.

Our ability to grow and renovate in sync with the new modellers generation led Italeri to the successful partnership with Wargaming. From this co-operation, a new line of model kits was born, dedicated to the military and naval vehicles of the popular World of Tanks and World of Warships video games.

Italeri's plastic model kits are the final result of a long, creative, and passionate manufacturing process.

Starting with historical and iconographic research, the detailed scale replica is often developed from original projects, through CAD and CAM systems that lead to the mould's creation.

The production of each single plastic part, the precise realisation of decals sheets, instruction manuals, and boxes, give the modeller a product that they will turn into something special and unique. 

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